A River Runs Through It

Sweden’s acclaimed designer Monica Förster taps into one ofher country’s most prized natural resources in the subtlegestures shown in her latest accomplishment, the Vika seatingcollection. In northern Sweden, braided rivers carve throughthe land creating an ever changing landscape alive with motion.Förster brilliantly captures the beauty of this geographicalphenomenon in the undulating shape of her new chair.

The commission for Bernhardt Design marks her first major collaboration with an American company subsequent to building a highly respected body of work for numerous leading European brands. Many designers and artists strive to create work that is instantly recognizable, but Förster felt it was more important for Vika to be highly unpredictable in its visual expression. Providing the canvas, she allows each individual the opportunity to create a product which is uniquely their own.

Förster is the creator of many renowned objects in contemporary Swedish design today. She is highly acclaimed for her inventive creation of Cloud, an inflatable meeting room installation,and Forest, a room divider that is functional but often perceived as an art installation.


Internationally respected and prolific, her creativity and innovation are unmistakable in her diverse selection of projects. The Net Bowl, a departure from the traditional fruit bowl, has its origin in a single aluminum sheet; the sinuous Aurora Candle, produced for Cappellini, is a stylish addition to any table; and DePadova’s Circle Lamp is often described as minimally elegant with its delicate lithe profile.

Förster has the distinction of being the ‘go to’ seating designer for many of Europe’s most respected companies.Often inspired by nature and the desire to work with new materials and technologies, her designs vary greatly. With an emphasis on ergonomics, the bent plywood AntelopeChair for Swedese is sleek and comfortable. Tacchhini’s Glide Chair recalls the fluid transformation of the elements;the rhythm of waves inspired Förster when creating the Flow auditorium seating with Itay’s Poltrona Frau.

Förster has been the recipient of numerous awards such as: 2007 Elle Interior Designer of the Year; Designer of the Year, Sweden 2007 and 2006; Best Product 2005 Time Magazine; and Wallpaper Design Awards 2010 – Best Centrepiece. Förster is a frequent teacher and lecturer in the field of design at universities and institutions throughout the world.