Art as a Chair

London’s highly acclaimed design team of Fredrikson Stallard has received considerable recognition for their works of art and limited edition designs.They took on the formidable task of marrying the ideals of the art world with that of production furniture. The result was the Hyde chair, a simple unadorned piece of sculpture in leather and walnut. Their vision for the chair was modeled after camping or Army cots.


After realizing Bernhardt Design’s strength in working with walnut frames, they thought it would be wonderful to marry that with stretched leather much like stretched canvas on a cot. For Fredrikson and Stallard, the aesthetics of Hyde are just as important as its functionality. Ac-cording to them, a physical function can also have an emotional function. Both Fredrikson and Stallard place importance upon the permanence of their work, and this is the essence of Hyde.

pyrenees lounge

Having produced limited edition works for companies such as David Gill Galleries, Contrasts Gallery, Swarovski, and Droog Design, their new venture with Bernhardt Design marks their first foray with a major manufacturer. Noteworthy past works by Fredrikson Stallard include the Cavern coffee table and Pandora chandelier for Swarovski Crystal Palace;the King Bonk chair and Pyrenees lounge for David Gill Galleries in London; and the Portrait wall and room divider for Veuve Clicquot in London.

The solid walnut frame of Hyde incorporates elegant simplicity with extreme attention to detail. Hand crafting and carving as well as sophisticated joinery are used for a visually seamless con-nection of the individual elements. The seat may be upholstered in either fabric or leather, with a back pillow that allows the use of a contrasting fabric or color. The frame is available in several fin-ishes including natural oil.