Moving Pictures

His work “Cries and Whispers,” which is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art,was created for his niece Lilly after the death of his sister and was included in the original SAFE exhibition. Robb’s formidable bronze sculpture“Change” was commissioned as a parable for the revitalization of Scotland’s historic Clydebank.‘Golden Age’ served as a reflection on the ephemeral nature of materialism as Robb exposed23-carat gold leaf to eventual erosion from human contact in the centuries-old harbor of Pittenweem.

Many times a single image can tell a powerful and complex tale. Whether the task is distilling the revered “Tam O’Shanter” of Scottish poet Robert Burns into a single sculpture or working in the contemporary medium of web design, Jephson Robb provides the visual narrative that allows us to experience the story.

cries and whispers


In a number of his projects, we are participants in telling the story. More than the object itself, our interaction with the object was the universal story during the global exhibition ofRobb’s “Temple.” The residents of Portobello Beach joined together to create “Wonder” for the Edinburgh InternationalArts Festival. And, during Vitra’s renowned Boisbuchet workshop, the abstraction “Life: An Emotional Process” was given tangible shape and form.


“A web site tells the story of a company, and I wanted to create an editorial feeling,” says Robb regarding Bernhardt Design’s new site. “The goal was to have the interest and presence of an ever-changing magazine while still distributing information in a simple way.” Robb also created the Bernhardt Textiles advertising campaign and served as Art Director for the Bernhardt Designe xhibitions at the Salone Del Mobile.

Based in Glasgow, Robb is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, London. His work has been exhibited in Europe,North America, South America and Asia.