"I've always been fascinated by Charles Pollock. He created such a significant product, yet very little has ever been published about him. When I started my search to find Charles, I simply wanted to meet him and hear his story." - Jerry Helling
After graduating from Pratt in the early 1950's, Pollock joined George Nelson's design studio. During his time with Nelson, he worked on the ground-breaking Swag Leg Chair, based on an idea he began developing while at Pratt.
In 1958 Pollock opened his own small studio above a drug store in Brooklyn, where he created his first product for Knoll, the 657 Sling Chair. The chair subsequently became a mid-century collector's piece and is sold today by auction.
With the support of Florence Knoll, Pollock spent the next five years developing a new concept and production method for office seating, culminating in the release of the Pollock Chair in 1965. The chair was notable for Pollock's patented invention of rim technology and the simplicity of its assembly.
When released, the Pollock Chair was an instant success and became a visual symbol of the modern workplace. The Pollock Chair became one of the best-selling office chairs in history and spawned numerous copies over the years.
A hand-delivered letter of introduction from Helling in late 2010 encouraged Pollock to resume his career and create new designs for the current generation. In 2012, the 82-year-old Pollock introduced his first new product in America since the debut of his iconic Pollock Chair forty-seven years earlier. Pollock's new CP Lounge Collection is a testament to the talent of the legendary designers of the 20th Century and their continuing relevance today.
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