Bernhardt Design and George Little Management team up annually to sponsor ICFF Studio, which is presented each May during ICFF. The scholarship program is a juried competition created as a platform for young designers to showcase their existing prototypes to manufacturers, retailers, and the media. Studio has been a career catylyst for a number of past participants including: Brad Ascalon, Viable London, Chris Adamick and Nolen Niu, who manages his Los Angeles based studio and showroom.
The ICFF Editor’s Award has been received by past participants Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu for the Best New Designers in 2007, and Sophie Mallenbranche won Best Textiles in 2006.  Numerous publications have featured the work presented at ICFF Studio including: Business Week, Fast Company, ID, Metropolis, The New York Times, Surface, and Wallpaper.

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To enter the competition a designer must have a working prototype that can be mass produced, is economically and commercially viable, and can be marketed successfully. Each year up to twelve designers are selected from the pool of applicants that successfully meet these guidelines. The participants’ individual display booths are created by the New York design studio Truck, and all graphics are designed by the renowned graphics firm 2 × 4 Inc.
sophie mallebranche
zero - nolen niu
corona - shane kohatsu and emi fujita
phenomena - sang hoon kim
blackbird - terhi tuominen
dancing table - joel escalona