Product Overview

Stainless Steel or Matte Black Base
W323/4” D31″ H291/4
Seat Height: 17″
Arm Height: 211/2

Revealing its story through design details, Kashan communicates a unified language that transcends cultural differences and dialects. The absence of angles and lines in Kashan’s cushion permits the exterior and interior to gracefully merge, creating a sinuous form. A floating appearance is achieved through stylistic tension between the informal, soft organic cushion, cradled by the formal, precise nature of the structural frame. 

Equipped with a custom suspension spring seat made from high-density molded foam, Kashan integrates comfort with a modern appeal. 

The blade-thin metal legs are offered in brushed and polished stainless steel or matte black with non-marring glides.




matte black

Approved Textiles

Grade 1

Array 9 colors

Emerge 22 colors

Kavir 18 colors

Grade 2

Daybreak 19 colors

Diffuse 11 colors

Sketch 10 colors

Solo 16 colors

Still 18 colors

Grade 3

Loop 15 colors

Touch 16 colors

Urban 15 colors

Vella 22 colors

Vista 7 colors

Grade 4

Canvas 14 colors

Pix 10 colors

Smooth 18 colors

Grade 5

Pearl 11 colors

Plush 8 colors

Random 9 colors

Soft 12 colors

Grade 6

Allude 16 colors

Brisa 20 colors

Cadence 3 colors

Chunky 10 colors

Cielo 9 colors

Hero 12 colors

Image 16 colors

Palette 21 colors

Sereno 13 colors

Striae 10 colors

Vivid 18 colors

Grade 7

Aya 5 colors

Hendese 10 colors

Sella 5 colors

Grade 8

Ashayer 6 colors

Baft 6 colors

Bella 12 colors

Focus 28 colors

Fresca 9 colors

Grade 9

Babayee 6 colors

Midnight 11 colors

Mirage 9 colors

Nightfall 8 colors

Shift 9 colors

Tailored 12 colors

Grade 10

Capture 8 colors

Monarch 3 colors

Snug 8 colors

Twilight 9 colors

Venture 13 colors

Grade 11

Imprint 7 colors

Muse 6 colors

Patina 9 colors

Posh 6 colors

Valencia 9 colors

Elan 27 colors

Essential 11 colors

Rogue 16 colors

Allude 16 colors

Brisa 20 colors

Canvas 14 colors

Emerge 22 colors

Image 16 colors

Having grown up near the Arctic circle in the north of Sweden, Monica Förster’s work is characterized by a strong sense of pure form and a never-ending curiosity for new materials and technology. In her Stockholm studio, she creates in a cross-disciplinary way, inventing various industrial design typologies for both furniture and objects. Förster’s work is considered to be some of the most internationally renowned in contemporary Swedish design.

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