Chrissa Amuah was born and raised in London, with a heritage that stems from Ghana, Togo, and Benin. She describes her experience from the assimilation of cultures as living with a sense of duality, which has inspired her work in textile and print design.

Earning an MFA in textile design, Amuah graduated with distinction from the Chelsea College of Art & Design, University of Arts London.

In 2014 she established AMWA Designs, built on the principle that homes and private spaces should evoke powerful and positive thoughts within us.

Amuah often incorporates the ancient Adinkra symbols of Ghana into her work, which conveys traditional wisdom and adages to modern aesthetics.

Adinkra’s meanings are timeless, transcending all cultures, which she embraces as motivation for 21st-century living. “If our beings nurture in environments filled with wisdom that promotes positivity, upon exiting our homes and stepping out into the world every day – by the power of symbolic osmosis – we all share the opportunity to walk each step with
intended harmony.”

Alongside AMWA Designs, Amuah has created AFRICA BY DESIGN, a platform intended to cross-pollinate ideas and talent from across sub-Saharan Africa. AFRICA BY DESIGN promotes the relevance, pride, innovation, and empowering conviction of design talent from across the continent.