Product Overview

The Lily chair takes its cue from the sinuous form of the lily pad. It features a continuous unbroken line that traces the exterior of the chair, which encases a soft circular cushion much like the center of a blooming flower. The chair subtly converges from an open bloom at the top to a perfect circle at the base.

Lily is available stationary, with casters, or with a self-returning swivel base.

Topstitching is employed around the perimeter to highlight the continuous loop of the chair’s design.


Many words could be used to describe Terry Crews – actor, entertainer, athlete, author, activist – but above all else, he’s an artist who is always reinventing himself. Born in Flint, Michigan, Crews discovered his creative side at an early age when he earned a scholarship to art school, followed by an athletic scholarship to college. After finding success in a variety of careers ranging from playing in the NFL to acting in film and television, he has returned to his artistic roots with his work for Bernhardt Design.

About Terry Crews