Product Overview

W351/4” D31″ H291/2
Seat Height: 163/4
Arm Height: 281/2

Self-Return Swivel
W351/4” D31″ H291/2
Seat Height: 163/4
Arm Height: 281/2

Reminiscent of the famed Maisons of Paris, Elio’s precise angles and curves express the luxury of the past through an undeniably modern lens. A refined swivel lounge, its design was influenced by the techniques of Parisian design masters, replicating their concepts while maintaining its own harmonious and graceful shape. 

Comfort takes center stage with a plush pillow and seat, balanced with a thin, fluid shawl-like arm.

The chair’s form encourages creative combinations of textiles and leathers, which can transform Elio from conservative to avant-garde. 

Elio is available in two versions: a stationary model with non-marring glides or with a self-returning swivel.

Approved Textiles

Grade 1

Align 13 colors

Array 9 colors

Emerge 22 colors

Kavir 18 colors

Grade 2

Daybreak 19 colors

Diffuse 11 colors

Ink 4 colors

Loop 15 colors

Sketch 10 colors

Solo 16 colors

Still 18 colors

Grade 3

Touch 16 colors

Urban 15 colors

Vella 22 colors

Vista 7 colors

Grade 4

Element 13 colors

Pix 10 colors

Grade 5

Canvas 14 colors

Pearl 11 colors

Plush 8 colors

Random 9 colors

Smooth 18 colors

Soft 12 colors

Grade 6

Cadence 3 colors

Chunky 10 colors

Cielo 9 colors

Palette 21 colors

Sereno 13 colors

Stitch 4 colors

Striae 10 colors

Vivid 18 colors

Grade 7

Allude 16 colors

Aya 5 colors

Brisa 20 colors

Hendese 10 colors

Hero 12 colors

Image 16 colors

Mesh 9 colors

Sella 5 colors

Grade 8

Ashayer 6 colors

Baft 6 colors

Bella 12 colors

Focus 28 colors

Fresca 9 colors

Grade 9

Babayee 6 colors

Midnight 11 colors

Mirage 9 colors

Nightfall 8 colors

Shift 9 colors

Snug 8 colors

Twilight 9 colors

Grade 10

Capture 8 colors

Monarch 3 colors

Venture 13 colors

Grade 11

Cameo 9 colors

Cue 7 colors

Forte 8 colors

Imprint 7 colors

Muse 6 colors

Patina 9 colors

Posh 6 colors

Valencia 9 colors

Elan 27 colors

Essential 11 colors

Rogue 16 colors

Following in the footsteps of his sculptor father, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has created his own design language of mixed materials, organic forms, and time-honored craftsmanship with an undeniable lens on the future. His studio, Neonata, works across a wide range of creative disciplines and has amassed a diverse body of work with a narrative deeply rooted in nature. Bernhardt Design’s ongoing partnership with Noé spans over a decade and has resulted in many of our most well-known pieces.

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