Product Overview

Self-Return Swivel
Chrome or Matte Black Base
W341/4” D301/4” H30″
Seat Height: 191/4
Arm Height: 30″

Bombom presents a distinctive lounge chair, comfortable as it is functional. It represents a game of contrasts – featuring the juxtaposition of a thin structural shell encasing a generous interior cushion. The stylistic tension between the informal and imposing soft organic cushion and the formal, precise structural frame makes the chair appear to levitate.

Gathering on the interior cushion back varies according to material selection, offering a truly unique aesthetic.

The lower base is supported by an angular self-return swivel built from sturdy steel tubing and is offered in polished chrome or matte black.



matte black

Approved Textiles

Grade 1

Align 13 colors

Delight 15 colors

Emerge 22 colors

Kavir 18 colors

Grade 2

Cherish 10 colors

Daybreak 19 colors

Diffuse 11 colors

Sketch 10 colors

Solo 16 colors

Still 18 colors

Grade 3

Ink 4 colors

Loop 15 colors

Urban 15 colors

Vella 22 colors

Vista 7 colors

Grade 4

Canvas 14 colors

Element 13 colors

Pix 10 colors

Smooth 18 colors

Grade 5

Pearl 11 colors

Plush 8 colors

Random 9 colors

Soft 12 colors

Grade 6

Allude 13 colors

Brisa 9 colors

Cadence 3 colors

Chunky 10 colors

Cielo 9 colors

Hero 12 colors

Image 16 colors

Palette 21 colors

Sereno 13 colors

Stitch 4 colors

Vivid 18 colors

Grade 7

Hendese 10 colors

Mesh 9 colors

Sella 5 colors

Grade 8

Bella 12 colors

Focus 28 colors

Fresca 9 colors

Grade 9

Midnight 11 colors

Mirage 9 colors

Nightfall 8 colors

Shift 9 colors

Tailored 12 colors

Grade 10

Adore 9 colors

Capture 8 colors

Snug 8 colors

Twilight 9 colors

Venture 13 colors

Grade 11

Aspire 4 colors

Cameo 9 colors

Forte 8 colors

Imprint 7 colors

Muse 6 colors

Patina 9 colors

Posh 6 colors

Valencia 9 colors

Elan 21 colors

Essential 10 colors

Rogue 11 colors

Brisa 9 colors

Canvas 10 colors

Image 8 colors

Growing up in Italy with an architect father and an interior designer mother, it’s evident where Francesco Favaretto inherited his creative DNA. However, he followed his own path by earning a degree in industrial design from IUAV in Venice. As a student, Favaretto co-founded the clothing company MOFO, and he continues with the art direction today. In 2009, he partnered with his father to create Favaretto & Partners Design Studio, where he explores new areas of design, both tangible and digital.

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