Product Overview

Walnut Veneer Top
Solid Walnut Frame

W203/4” D203/4” H21″

Walnut Veneer Top
Solid Walnut Frame

W221/4” D225/8” H18″

Walnut Veneer Top
Solid Walnut Frame

W363/8” D365/8” H161/8

Inspired by the lush landscapes and natural elements of the Andes Mountains, nature and modern design take shape in Los Andes tables. Los Andes features an asymmetrical rim that encircles the top’s perimeter, mimicking the peaks and plateaus of the rugged Chilean mountains.

Los Andes tables, available in three sizes, are constructed of solid walnut.









After earning a bachelor’s degree, Chilean artist Ignacia Murtagh furthered her education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Furniture Design, as well as London’s Royal College of Art in Ceramic Design. Her creative inspiration is fueled by experimenting with materials and techniques, while blurring the line between handmade processes and industrial mechanization. As beautiful as it is functional, Murtagh’s work communicates cultural, historical and theoretical significance.

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