Claudia Surrage + Christian Cowper

Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper met while studying at Northumbria University in England, where they both graduated with honors in three-dimensional product and furniture design. After discovering a shared passion for creativity and simply making things, they formed a strong relationship that led to their professional partnership, Studio Claud Christian, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Their approach to design is bold and honest; celebrating materials for what they are and expressing their beauty through form and proportion. This approach, combined with a sense of human and emotional connection, has allowed the duo to create beautiful works, often with a distilled simplicity. With inspiration and references from modernist icons to ancient crafts and cultures, Christian and Claudia are able to generate rich concepts and refined designs for a breadth of purposes and audiences.

Their work spans various creative fields – from furniture, lighting, and product design to ceramics, jewelry, and sculpture. Since collaborating, the duo has received numerous international awards, such as John Lewis x Umbra – Design for Small Space Living in 2018, IMM Cologne Pure Talents in 2019, and Ein & Zwanzig (One & Twenty) World’s Finest Design Talents by the German Design Council in 2020.